Do you want to play with friends, but have grown tired of being bossed around by some distant Leadership, regarding you as nothing but a human resource? Have you had your fill of ego-drama and power struggles? Then LAMP is for you, we’ll have none of that here!
We value community first, and eschew all that pretend-military/corporation stuff of other guilds.

Instead of demanding our members to go do things, we will allow the grassroots to manage themselves.
As such, the core of LAMP will be self-organised Squads, coming together because they share an interest in some aspect of the game or have a similar level of dedication. Other members are then free to join in on these Squads missions, or host something of their own. All the guild will demand is that you show up for the stuff you volunteered for.
Above that we will have Divisions, designed to foster and coordinate cooperation between Squads, allowing them to join together and temporarily form full fledged fleets. These would then serve as yet another mission source for both individual members, as well as other Squadrons. But even If you just want to Lonewolf for a while, nobody will complain that you are not "pulling your weight” or anything.
The goal is to allow people to explore the full range of gameplay, without being permanently nailed down on one "correct” way to have fun.

Leadership meanwhile exists only to organise the overarching structure, provide a common theme and direction, and ensure we avoid conflicting interests on the diplomatic stage.

The important thing is that we treat the game as a game, and respect our fellow players. Attitude is more important than what your preferred playstyle may be. Be gracious to noobs, humble in victory, noble in defeat, respectful to our adversaries, helpful to strangers and guildmates alike, and you’ll fit right in.

So if you want to get the most out of the game, be it solo, co-op, or in massive capital fleets, PvP or PvE, noob or veteran, come fly with us.

I wanna join

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I want to hear more

perhaps you take a glance at our Charter in the specific register, you’ll also find a German translation at the end

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Listen as ISNN interviews known drunkard and knave Dread Pirate Pete about LAMP’s guild philosophy – just scroll down to the very end of this page … or listen in

How big is LAMP Fleet?

LAMP Fleet currently fields dozens of Capitals, hundreds of Retaliators, Constellations and Starfarers, as well as countless additional fighters and support craft.

We are an international Organisation and are distributed fairly evenly across the major timezones (America / Europe / Asia)

We are growing daily, and expect to keep our position as one of the largest and oldest guilds come launch. As a home for Capital fleet commanders and lone wolves alike there will be room for all manner of specialized sub-groups to ply their trade under our umbrella.

I don’t want to be just a number in a huge group

Since we aim to organise in a grassroots fashion, you won’t be nameless cannonfodder for some distant Leadership.

Instead, we want to provide a system where the members are running the show. You want to play with some friends in a tight knit Squadron? Set it up in LAMP and convince other members to join you on your Missions – or join bigger Operations set up by other such groups. Get to know each other.
This way, good Wingmen and Leaders will make a name for themselves. Unlike in many other guilds, Command is not something that’s bestowed upon you by a nepotistic hierarchy, but something you earn by being good at it – and can loose again if you become power crazed and start pushing people around. When you are known for being a nice, competent person, people will want to sign up for the stuff you host, or want you as a Wingman in theirs.

We see our size not as something giving more power to a select few Leaders, but as an opportunity for everyone. More people to play with, a greater variety of interests and skills and enough people online at all times even if some of us want to take a break or lonewolf for a while.

"Loose Association” sounds disorganised

Not at all. It's not like we are going to allow shooting at each other or anything!

With many members, both military and civilian, having good experience of managing and organizing we will have a lot of structure but will organise in a way that it is up to you how much of it you want for your own Gaming Experience. We call that concept the "Sliding Scale".
The more you move towards Large Scale activities, requiring Org assets, or Metagaming stuff like Diplomacy & Intelligence, the more structured things become. And if you want to "run a thight ship" in regards to your own Squad or Missions, that's fine too so long as you find people willing to sign up for that.
On the other end of the scale, nobody will complain if you just want to chill out in space with your friends.

The main point is voluntariness. Respect other peoples playstyles, and support them where you can. Some of the more leisurely players will find an interest in Combat Training, and likewise, hardcore Squads will benefit from the availability of Groups where you can just chill and recover.
We believe that this ability to rotate relatively freely between many systems will serve our Community well in the long run.

You can read more about it in the Charter.

What’s this about Pirates?

We will operate on both sides of the law, with room for members to experience every aspect of the game. There is no reason to lock ourselves out of any content when we can have multiple characters. There is room for both pirates, bounty hunters, traders and explorers here. And we expect most of us will be trying on all the different roles from time to time.

We will take whatever necessary steps needed in game to avoid our honest traders and pirates, or alien hunters and alien be-frienders, mucking up each others NPC standings. Likely, this will be done by outsourcing pirate operations to a dedicated sub-squadron.

But there will be PvP?

Oh, yes. Lots of it for those who want to. There will be plenty of boarding and mercenary work to go around.

For those among us who are afraid of loosing their ships there will be plenty of positions aboard bigger ships, where you can blast enemy spaceships all day with no risk to your own personal assets!

What about Roleplaying?

We are Roleplaying friendly, but it is not mandatory. Since in the current Org System, it is just a "Yes/No” question we went with yes, as we felt that would communicate our stance best. Feel free to embrace or ignore the Cult of Light, use it as a backdrop for your characters story or create a different narrative of your own