Noteworthy Events

May 9th, 2014: Multiple Org Feature Launched, prompting many large Orgs to start zerg-inviting. LAMP didn’t, because we feel that bloating your numbers like that causes the kind of problems large guilds are rightfully criticised for. ; )
However, we do support multiple Org membership under some conditions. You can find the details in the Manifesto

May 1st, 2014: We moved to a shiny new Website. All accounts from our previous forum have been transferred, and you will be able to login with your usual credentials. It will take a while longer for all the forum posts to migrate, but we have already set up the most important sections again. Post away!

April 11th, 2014: Somebody had to bring the light to PAX, so there we went. And had a blast ;) Pictures can be found in the depths of this thread

March 19th, 2014: LAMP managed to win the Award for "Most Active Large Organisation”, securing us a meet & greet with the man himself, Chris Roberts, at PAX, and proving that people can be active and engaged, without being forced to be. Thanks for everyones contributions!

August, 24th, 2013: A bunch of brave Lamponauts attended the Hangar Reveal at Cologne. It was a lot of fun, and pictures can be found both on our Forum as well as on RSI
We also had a strong presence at the Pre-Event, having fun with Chris Roberts.

What’s all this business about "the LAMP”?

Huddle around the holo-fire, young ones, for I shall tell you a tale from before time….

In the age of the Forums before the Forums before the Forums,
in the days before the universe came to be,
in the darkest hours of the Kickstarter 24 hour pledge telethon to secure the funding for Creation,

Chris Roberts and CIG had abandoned the players,
on a quest for midnight pizza and beer,
we sat in the dark and cold embrace of silent space,

the watchers were losing hope,
minds slowly withering from over-caffeinated fatigue,
their numbers dwindling and the Kickstarter stretch goals slipping out of reach.


A Light unto Darkness
A Flame in the Void

Illumination of Soul
Enlightenment of Mind

Recession of Shadow
Retreat of Umbra

In Irradiating Blaze
All Purified
All Ignited

The players peered unto the event horizon, and from it they beheld radiant brilliance emerged
an IKEA lamp appeared on screen with messages from beyond taped to it’s visage,
bringing hope and prophecy of gaming Elysium to the players,

Some went Blind,
Some went Mad,

All fell down before LAMP and praised it’s light,
it sustained us through the long night,
it brought us to space sim gaming’s pinnacle height.

Lamp is an SC insider joke, an IKEA lamp was placed infront of the streaming camera with a ‘back soon’ note attached to it. Sleep deprived players began hailing lamp as a god, self-named prophets began interpreting it’s will, some hours later it was given it’s own camera and new notes posted on it. Thus a meme was born.

It provides a common symbol for our guild binding us intrinsically to the creation of this game. It is an anchor both for less serious joking and meme creating, as well as a deeper place for our RPers who adhere to the Cult of Light. It is a malleable thing, you can ignore it or over-embrace it until people tire of you, all as you wish. It is our guild mascot, and is an endless supply of ship names, battle cries and imagery for our guild.